T  W  I  N       C  I  T  I  E  S       C  R  E  A  T  I  O  N       S  C  I  E  N  C  E       A  S  S  O  C  I  A  T  I  O  N

A Review of
A Boy Out of Time: A Time Twins Adventure
by D. B. Macks

Adventure Fiction Aimed At Teens

A Boy Out Of Time

Ben Javan is the almost 14 year old son of archeologists, small for his age, bullied at school and guilt-ridden over the death of his little sister by drowning while he was supposed to be watching her. When his parents leave for a dig in Turkey, he gets to spend the summer with his mysterious physicist uncle who lives in an isolated area of Alaska where Ben will also get to meet a boy his own age named Seth, with whom he has been an instant messaging "pen pal."

The ordinary world starts to slip away when he is met at the Anchorage Airport by two extremely tall and unnaturally pale individuals who turn out to be Seth and an associate of his uncle. When far from the city, the vehicle leaves the road and hovers, then flies through a cave into Uncle Theo's property in an extinct volcanic crater, the mysterious and unpredictable take over.

What follows is a time travel sci-fi adventure that takes the boys and the adults back to the pre-flood world where people are both technologically advanced and endowed with unusual physical and mental powers. That world is succumbing to spiritual darkness most evident in the Nephilim who have captured Uncle Theo.

Promotion of moral courage, commitment to Biblical accuracy, awareness of spiritual warfare and development of interesting protagonists takes place in a world that has flavors of Narnia, Middle Earth and the realm of Darth Vader, but just might be a reasonable guess at that real antediluvian history that is only summarized in Genesis.

Intended as the kick-off of a series, this book stands a chance of dragging kids away from their video games.

It is available on the web at www.thetimetwins.com as an e-book for $3.00.

Reviewed by Ross S. Olson MD