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The following are videos of the major creation events we have hosted at Albert Lea Senior High School Auditorium in Albert Lea, MN. These were powerful meetings with God‑honoring & Bible‑believing scientists of the highest caliber contending for the truth of the Biblical account of creation. These are videos of the complete presentations. Please fill out the form and mail it to us with payment by cash or check and the video(s) will be sent to you as quickly as possible.


                Genesis 1‑11: An Overview Ken Ham, March 19, 1995                                       120 minutes

                Cost (including shipping) $12.00


            Creation or Evolution: Triple Header October 22, 1995                                         120 minutes

                    Dr. David Menton:, Feathers & Fur

   Dr. David Kaufmann: Anatomical Evidence for Creation ‑ Design in the Human Body

   Dr. Raymond Damadian (inventor of the MRI): We Dare Not Affront the Creator

Cost (including shipping) $12.00


Creation or Evolution: Triple Header Question & Answer Period                             55 minutes

Cost (including shipping) $12.00


Double‑Header Creation Event            March 23, 1996                                          159 minutes

   Dr. Duane Gish: The Fossil Record & Scientific Evidence for Creation

   Jules Poirier (Saturn/Apollo design genius): Monarch, the Miracle Butterfly

Cost (including shipping) $12.00



The Genesis Flood          May 5, 1997                                                                      60+ minutes

   Theological Treatise by Dr. John C. Whitcomb

  Scientific Treatise by Dr. Henry Morris

Cost (including shipping) $12.00


Creation Family Concert & Presentations March 28, 1998

  Mt. St. Helens & The Grand Canyon: Dr. Gary Parker                                         60+ minutes

Cost (including shipping) $12.00


  From Evolution to Creation: Dr. Gary Parker                                                         60+ minutes

   Creation Concert: Buddy Davis                                                  included on both above tapes

Cost (including shipping) $12.00


Creation Research Society Public Meeting March 27, 1999                                       2 hours +

  From Grade School to Creation Research Professor: How to Do It, Dr. David Kaufmann

  Astronomy and Creation, Dr. Donald B. DeYoung

  From Avowed Evolutionist to Confessing Creation Scientist, Dr. Lane P. Lester

  A Biologist Looks at Origins, Dr. John R. Meyer

Cost (including shipping) $20.00

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