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TCCSA may not necessarily endorse all material presented at meetings announced on this page, but feels that they would be of interest to creationists.

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We hope to make this web calendar as comprehensive as possible for creation-related events taking place within about one hundred and fifty miles of the Twin Cities. If you have information on an event you would like posted, please send to info{at}tccsa.tc .

Calvary Memorial Church
Creation Video
Usually the First or Second Sunday of Each Month at 6:00 pm (Except for Holiday Weekends -- or SNOW!!)
Calvary Memorial Church 2420 Dunwoody Avenue
Wayzata, MN 55391
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See March 8, 2015 Flier


March 17, 2015,7:30 pm
Geologic Records
David Mikkelson

"Geological Records: Do They Support the Bible?"

As you explore the world around you, do you have questions about the rock layers you see at Wisconsin Dells, the Badlands, or the Grand Canyon? Where did all the sediments come from? Why are fossilized dinosaur bones buried in the ground? How are fossils formed? Was there a global flood? Do we have any proof? What can we learn from Mt. St. Helens and erosion? If you struggle with any of these stumpers, please come and join us for, "Geological Records: Do They Support the Bible?"

David Mikkelson is a talented, up and coming Creation Paleontologist. He experienced his first Dinosaur Dig with Russ McGlenn, when he was nine years old. David's been trained in fossil preparation and casting by Creation Paleontologist Joe Taylor and has been on several other dinosaur digs with Russ, Joe and Dr. Carl Baugh. He has several fossil replicas on display in museums around the Country. David's been on the TCCSA Board since January 2014.

University of Northwestern St Paul, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville, Minnesota
Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)

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April 21, 2015,7:30 pm
Dr. Clyde Billington
"Khirbet Qeiyafa"

University of Northwestern St Paul, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville, Minnesota
Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)


May 19, 2015,7:30 pm
Jay Seegert
"Evolution: Probable or Problematic?"

University of Northwestern St Paul, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville, Minnesota
Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)

Certain aspects of evolution occasionally seem fairly plausible to many people ... even Christians. If we use our imagination, we can envision fish slowly turning into amphibians, with their fins gradually being transformed into legs and their lungs adapting to breathing air. However, when we take a closer look at what actually has to go on inside (in the DNA) we see a very different picture. It's like looking under the hood of a beautiful red sports car only to find that its engine is completely missing! Presenting some cutting-edge information about DNA, this presentation clearly demonstrates (in laymen's terms) that molecules-to-man evolution is virtually impossible.

Common Sense Science
Theory of Everything?
Charles W. (Bill) Lucas

"The Universal Force: Derived From a More Perfect Union of Axiomatic and Empirical Scientific Methods"

Locations, Directions and Maps

TCCSA Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (except August and December) at 7:30 to about 9:00 pm. They are now usually at Totino Fine Arts Center, in the room to the right side of the large auditorium (Room F2128 (Old F116) University of Northwestern - St. Paul (formerly Northwestern College), 3003 North Snelling, Roseville Minnesota. Other locations would be announced and posted, such as the Chapel in Nazareth Hall (the building just between the Totino Center and the lake).

Because the rooms sometimes change,
you may want to check the website more than once.

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