Evolutionary pressure

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May 10, 1998

Editorial Department
Star Tribune
425 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55488

Dear Editor,

I guess Physics Professors don't fit the no nonsense stereotype any more. Dr. Chet Raymo ("But soft, what theory of natural selection through yonder window breaks?" 5/6/98) says that random changes are not the essence of Darwinian evolution. Somehow the pressure of natural selection influences changes to be more favorable than could be accounted for by chance. He likens it to a roomful of monkeys that he rewards and punishes for eons until they type Shakespeare without misspellings.

Well, thank you professor, now I understand what "selective pressure" really means. It is not an anthropomorphism, but an actual personality. And, let me see..., well, goodness gracious, now I get it! That means that there really is a God! And he teaches physics at Stonehill College.


Ross S.Olson MD